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Tenants Evicted by Ellis Act to Get Priority for Affordable Housing Programs

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This week the Planning Commission will be voting on a new ordinance proposed by Supervisor President Chiu that gives preference in all affordable housing programs administered or funded by the City to certain tenants evicted under the Ellis Act. As you recall, reports indicate that Ellis Act evictions are on the rise as landlords are looking to take advantage of increased property values in the housing market upswing. The new regs would alter affordable housing codes to give second preference (after folks who have been granted affordable housing Residential Certificate of Preference) to "displaced tenants." That's being defined as any tenant who on or after January 1, 2012 has been evicted per the Ellis Act, and who has resided in the unit for a minimum of ten years (or a minimum of five years if suffering life-threatening illness verified by their doctor). There are also some additional rules about how long the person qualifies for the preference (3 years) and what percentage of new development can be occupied by them (up to 20%). The Planning Department is recommending approval with a few little tweaks, so it'll be interesting to hear the debate at this week's hearing.
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