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What $1,500/Month Can Rent You Around San Francisco

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Welcome to a special series of Curbed Comparisons, where we scour the San Francisco's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. For Renters Week, we'll be comparing rentals across the city every day, increasing the price point by $1,000/month each day. We're kicking things off today by investigating apartments listed for $1,500/month. This is the lowest we've ever gone for Curbed Comparisons, as your choices at this price point in the city tend to be - frankly - pretty dismal. So how bad is it out there? You tell us what looks like the most bang for your buck.

In the Mission, this one-bedroom is asking $1,575/month. Don't be fooled by it being a "one bedroom" - it's 325 square feet. While the bedroom is separated from the living space, the living room is combined with the kitchen (which looks like it may be lacking an oven), and only fits a small table and a love seat. The bathroom has a claw-foot tub.

In the Tenderloin - at Hyde and O'Farrell - this "sweet" studio is also going for $1,495/month. It's also got hardwood, a nice window, and laundry in the building. It's got a big, renovated, usable kitchen.

In the Tendernob, this cute studio is going for $1,495/month. Located at Hyde and Post, "Lower Nob Hill" is a bit of a stretch - it's basically in the Loin. And it's tiny. But on the upside: it's got hardwood, built-ins, a nice window, track lighting, stainless steal fridge and oven (in an otherwise almost useless kitchen), laundry in the building, and telephone entry system.

In the Richmond, this 375-square-foot studio is going for $1,500/month. The kitchen dated, but it's clean and has an eating area. The main room is carpeted. The unit is on a higher floor, which adds privacy and a view (of the neighbor's roof, primarily). No laundry on-site.

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