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City Politicians Looking to Curb Ellis Act Evictions

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In response to the recent increase in Ellis Act evictions that have grabbed the attention of many local politicians, two separate overhaul plans are currently being devised, both in the hopes of slowing the rate of renter relocation. The first, imagined by mayor Ed Lee's camp, is to "make Ellis Act evictions so expensive for property owners that there is little incentive to pursue them," and to impose additional permit requirements and restrictions on property sales post-evictions.

The second plan, by Supervisor David Campos, is two-fold. The first part would prevent property owners from charging market rate in the future, making it much less likely a landlord would propose a buyout in the first place. This would be accomplished by re-categorizing buyouts to count as a "just cause/no fault" eviction, preventing a rental increase to new tenants. The second part would increase the relocation payments owners must give tenants in an Ellis Act eviction, currently set at about $5,200 per person.
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