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Arquitectonica Redesigns 1415 Mission, Makes it Shorter and Bulkier

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Construction fencing is already up around the old parking lot at 1415 Mission, where a new residential tower will soon begin to rise. However, the building won't look anything like the Heller Manus Scheme originally proposed for the site, since Miami's Arquitectonica has taken over and completely redesigned the tower. Aside losing features such as balconies, small setbacks and a green wall, the building has also gotten shorter and bulkier. Previously set to feature 14 stories and 117 units, the new version of the project is comprised of 12 stories containing 121 housing units. The building still includes affordable housing and will also feature two levels of underground parking as well as ground-floor retail. If all goes according to plan, construction should wrap up by March of 2015.

Heller Manus' design for the project.

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