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The Smallest Apartment for Rent In SF Is 280 Square Feet

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Now that San Francisco has officially out-ranked New York as the US city with the most expensive median rent, it's time to show you this week's micro-dwelling, which is almost the smallest and definitely the most expensive yet. We're talking about the 280-square-foot studio currently for rent at the Ivy Apartments in Hayes Valley, which is asking a laughable $1950/month. The unit boasts hardwood floors, new paint, and a bay window. The kitchen's "brand new convection/microwave oven" and mini-fridge will be perfect for enjoying leftovers from trendy neighborhood restaurants; and, in the absence of an actual sitting area, you can relax in the unit's "extra-large" bathroom, with its big window and a gym-locker-room-style sit-down shower.
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