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Sidewalk or Parking? Compromised Reached in Potrero

Our friends at SF Streetsblog have brought news of the most recent developments regarding the much embroiled Potrero Streetscape Improvement Plan. As you recall, Potrero is set to get a major makeover that will improve pedestrian safety and beautify the stretch between 21st and 25th streets. A battle between more parking vs. wider sidewalks has delayed the plans, so last week there was a public meeting to hammer out the details over a two block stretch in front of SF General Hospital. Attendees voted which option they preferred.

According to SF Streetsblog:
Options 1 and 2 would both include a wider east sidewalk, with a fraction of the road space allocated to either a planted center median (Option 1) or a two-foot buffer for the bike lanes (Option 2). Option 3 would forego sidewalk widening to preserve 26 car parking spaces and include a bike lane buffer, but no planted median. Voters favored option 1, while the rest of the project area is already planned landscaping in a center median and bike lane buffers, but none of the parking will be removed except for the two block stretch between 22nd and 24th Streets. According to DPW, the streetscape improvments are planned to be developed and constructed to coincide with the completion of the SF General Hospital Rebuild, so everything is scheduled for completion in 2015. DPW has details and drawings of all the options for your perusal.
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