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Unloved Kezar Triangle Set To Undergo Total Makeover

Kezar Triangle, a 2.8-acre section of Golden Gate Park located just west of Kezar Stadium, isn't exactly an inviting place to hang out. Dead grass, few places to sit, and dirt trails that become mud-pits as soon as it rains make the space uninviting to say the least, but there's some hope on the horizon. Friends of Kezar Triangle, a non-profit committed to improving the area, will soon transform the sorry-looking space in to a thoughtfully planned out destination that San Franciscans can be proud of. Irrigation systems and pathways will receive upgrades, and brand new landscaping, benches, and art will help add some much-needed pizzazz to the underutilized slice of land. Construction is expected to begin this month and will wrap up in early 2014.
· Friends of Kezar Triangle [Official Site]