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Could All Three Presidio Commissary Proposals Become Reality?

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It appears that George Lucas' museum proposal for the former Sports Basement site at Crissy Field is ahead of its two competitors in the race to win the Presidio Trust's approval. Though nothing is set in stone, the final decision could be announced as early as the month's end. Nevertheless, fans of the Presidio Exchange and Bridge Sustainability Center needn't despair. Rumor has it that the Trust is hard at work crafting a deal that could potentially allow both plans to become reality as well. If the Lucas proposal does indeed end up winning the Commissary site, then the Trust will likely solicit proposals for new buildings in other prominent Presidio locations that could house the competing cultural attractions. The Trust's "more the merrier" approach to the issue signals a potential compromise that could bring even greater changes to our military base-turned-national park.
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