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Google Eyeing Mission Bay for San Francisco Move?

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[Photo via torbakhopper]

Brace yourselves: rumor has it that Google is planning a "blockbuster San Francisco real estate play that would shake the San Francisco market up for a long time." Current speculations have Google eyeing 14 acres of land in Mission Bay, which is could yield enough office space to house approximately 8,000 search-engine employees.

A move to The City would come on the heels of other urban expansions: Google recently signed a deal for an additional 360K square feet of space in Manhattan, and nearly 600K additional square feet in Chicago.

Mission Bay isn't the only potential target for Google - they also may be interested in the Transbay Tower. Regardless of which property they take, just imagine what happens when their newly-urban employees start looking for apartments.
· Google to Mission Bay? Transbay? Rumors abound [SF Business Times]

Google San Francisco

345 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 415 736 0000

Transbay Tower

101 First Street, san francisco, ca