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Rendering Reveal of New Scaled-down Warriors Arena Redesign

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The newest version of the Warriors Arena redesign is upon us, and Snohetta has shrunk the design considerably. Since the first reveal last year, the height has been lowered to from 135 feet to 110 feet at the top of the facade, the footprint shrunk from 771,000 to 695,000 square feet, and the open space around the building is increased to almost eight acres. As you recall, the SoMa neighbors have had a whole slew of issues with the project - it's too tall, too shiny, it'll cause too much traffic, and it shouldn't be at that location at all. Design details for the new version aren't hammered out yet, but the project team has been talking with regulatory agencies and citizens to get feedback. The project isn't a slam dunk yet - opponents are still threatening to put the project on a voter referendum.

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Warriors Arena

Pier 30-32, San Francisco, CA 94105