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Public Art Unveiled for Under-Construction 535 Mission Tower

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One of San Francisco's newest glass-laden office towers, 535 Mission Street, is rising quickly in SoMa , and now residents get their first preview of the proposed requisite public art installation (as per Planning Code Section 429). The first piece, to be installed at the corner of Minna and Shaw Alley, is a metallic sculpture by Anton Josef Standteiner dubbed "The Band" featuring an abstract jazz ensemble. Each "band member" will be about 4 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The entire piece will be surrounded by concrete public seating.

The second piece is an "Applique Da Parete" -- described as "a light wall of color, texture and refracted, transmitted and reflective light" -- by Gordon Huether. The installation will measure 18 feet high and 140 feet long, beginning in the building lobby and extending outdoors onto the Minna Street side of the building, where the entire piece will be visible to the public. The project's completion is projected for 2014.
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