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San Francisco Is the 2nd-Most Walkable City in America

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After months of most-expensive and least-affordable rankings, Walk Score has finally doled out one that San Francisco can be proud of, naming us America's 2nd-most walkable city. With an overall walk score of 83.9, The City came in just behind New York City (no surprise there), but beat out Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami, who rounded out the top 5.

SF's score was broken into three categories: walk, transit, and bike. We earned an 84 for walkability, with Chinatown and the Financial District ranked as the top two most-walkable neighborhoods. We scored an 80 for transit, between the bus, cable car, subway, ferry, rail, light rail, and car shares. We scored a 70 for bike access, despite our hilly topography - an encouraging number for the nascent Bay Area Bike Share. Violent crime also ranked relatively low, with 20 crimes per 1,000 people - almost all of which is centered in the Tenderloin.
· Walk Score Releases 2014 Rankings of Most Walkable U.S. Cities and Neighborhoods [Walk Score]