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What's Happening at 140 Portola Drive in Twin Peaks?

From the Curbed inbox:

There is a building on Portola between 120 Portola and 146 Portola that seems to have stopped going up 3/4 of the way through construction. It had been that way for a year or more and then there seems to be some activity a month or so ago and now all work has stopped once again. Any idea what the problem is? This project may take the in-the-works-for-the-longest cake, as the initial permits were filed back in 1996. Think about that for a second - Spice Girls topped the charts, Clinton had just been elected a second time, and Tom Cruise was still likeable in the first Mission: Impossible movie. Plans were to develop two existing vacant lots with a four story, seven unit residential building, but construction didn't get started til 2001. Permits expired a bunch of times, and the construction site became a magnet for homeless camps. Neighbors complained and tried to get it listed on the vacant/abandoned site registry, but the project sponsor managed to finally get back on track with a permit on October 31 to complete the work and get a final inspection. Our guess? They started up work again, but needed to shut it down until they got their permit ducks in a row.
· Building Inspection for 140 Portola [DBI]