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Picturesque Views of the City from Eureka Valley's Kite Hill

We all love Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, but did you know San Francisco has over 220 parks and open spaces? Curbed SF wants to bring fame and glory to some of the smaller, lesser-known parks, and we're doing so with our series Park Life. Each week we'll spotlight a different San Francisco park or open space, and bring you all the details you need to plan a visit.

One of San Francisco's hidden in plain sight gems, Kite Hill Open Space is a well-kept secret even to many Eureka Valley residents. Dog walkers, view seekers, and urban hikers appreciate the steep climb up to the top of this minimalist park. Be warned, it can become very windy, and is why residents of the past found it an excellent place to fly their kites. Where it's located: In the twisty streets near the edge of Eureka Valley on the Market Street side. The park is bounded by Yukon and 19th streets on the west and north. Entrances are also located at the terminus of Corwin Street, Stanton Street and Grand View Terrace.

What it features: A grassy open area with a single swing, jog/walking paths, benches and yet another place for world-class San Francisco views.

How to get there: There are not any Muni lines closer than about 3 blocks to this park, so make sure to wear some urban hiking footwear. The 33, 35 and 37 bus lines will get you the closest.

Dogs allowed?: Not only are dogs allowed, but it's treated as a dog playground by many locals.

Don't miss: Most good San Francisco parks are appreciated most on a warm day, but this one is different. Known for being windy and right on the fog line, don't miss this park when there is a slight chill in the air and the fog is covering the western half of the city. The eastern views will reward you while the cool, sharp wind may just inspire you to go out and buy that kite.
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