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Preliminary Pixelated Design Revealed for 2198 Market

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Market Street is a hotspot for development at the moment, but no intersection will see larger transformations than the immediate area around Market and Sanchez. Greystar Development is finally ready to get moving on its prime piece of San Francisco real estate at 2189 Market, and has hired Heller Manus Architects to design the newest addition to the booming corridor. According to the Castro Biscuit, the proposed building includes 87 new rentals above ground-floor retail, a roof deck and underground parking. The site was rezoned in 2008 under the Market and Octavia area plan, which should facilitate the approvals and development process. With the Century approaching the final stages of construction, and 2175 Market rising slowly across the street, the area surrounding 2189 Market will be hard to recognize in the coming years.
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