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What's the CPMC Demo Plan for the Cathedral Hill Hotel?

From the Curbed inbox:

I was wondering if there's any information on CPMC's demolition plans for the old Cathedral Hill Hotel? It's an enormous building, and I'm curious if there is a wrecking ball or even implosions in the works. Also curious how they plan to remove, transport, and/or recycle the old building materials.The massive CMPC project calls for demo of the hotel at the corner of Geary and Van Ness to make room for the new 226-foot tall, 730,888 sq. ft., 274-bed acute-care hospital. Now that the development plan was finally approved, demo and construction can get underway. A permit for interior demo of non-structural walls was already issued back in August, and the full demo permit was approved earlier this month. Don't expect any dramatic wrecking balls or dynamite though - according to the project's construction management plan, the 8 month demo will "begin at the center of the site and progress outwards, such that the building structures along Geary and Post Streets will remain intact until the latter stages of this phase." The point is to keep all the bad stuff (think dust, noise, etc) contained as long as possible. They're also planning on stockpiling all the debris towards the center of the site for the same reason. The city's Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Ordinance requires all construction and demolition debris to be transported to a registered facility that can divert a minimum of 65% of the material from landfills. So once the project's debris is ready to be removed, it'll be trucked to Half Moon Bay, Oakland, Richmond, and South San Francisco, depending on the type of material.