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Supes Take A(nother) Stand Against GGNRA Dog Policy

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Remember how the Golden Gate National Recreation Area wants to have a new dog management policy that limits where dogs can go without a leash? And the Board of Supervisors were totally against it? Well, the GGNRA has gone through their very lengthy environmental review over the plan, during which the public response was overwhelmingly negative. In response, GGNRA issued a revised Supplemental Dog Management Plan, but the Supes don't think the changes were major enough. They're peeved that GGNRA didn't analyze the effects limiting access would have on the other dog parks in the city, and are throwing around language from when the City transferred land to GGNRA back in the 1970s there was a stipulation that the parkland would be "reserved in perpetuity for recreation or park purposes." Public comment on the Supplemental Dog Management Plan wraps up on January 11, so whether you agree or disagree with the Supes let your opinion be known - comments are accepted online or at the open house at Fort Mason on November 2.
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