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Little House in Glen Park Hopes for New Development

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143 Laidley is a little two-bedroom, two-bath house in Glen Park that sold this past May for $2M. Built in 1957, it has some neat mid-century details, like cedar-shingle siding, large expanses of glass windows, and built-ins. It also seems to still have its very original kitchen, as well as an illegal basement studio unit. Neighbors were hoping the buyer would renovate it to its original 1950's glory, but instead plans to demo, sub-divide, and build two new houses found their way to the Curbed inbox. The neighbors aren't bummed over the demolition of the existing property, they're upset about the proposed plan for the lot. Each house will include four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, an office, wine storage, and an elevator. The large backyard, complete with big old tree, will give way to rear decks and a paved patio. The fronts are designed a little differently to try to break up the pattern of the street, but neighbors think the design has no character. The Laidley Street Improvement Association isn't happy that the new plans will build all the way to the lot line and will be taller than the adjacent houses. The plans have only just been submitted to the Planning Department, so we're a long way off from any kind of approvals, but expect there to be a major neighbor rumble over this one.
· 143 Laidley Street, San Francisco [Zillow]