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NIMBY Battle Begins Again Over 1050 Valencia Project

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There haven't been rumblings from the opponents of the 1050 Valencia project in over a year, but they're back—this time bringing the fight to the Board of Supervisors. As you recall, the proposed 55-ft, 5-story, 12-unit (10 market rate for sale and 2 BMR) building with no car parking was approved last September, but not before a long contentious design-by-committee battle with neighbors. Even after the design was changed, opponents still had issue with the size and lack of parking. The Planning Commission disagreed, and approved the 12 unit project with a few conditions regarding construction activities. Fast forward to today and those same opponents, the Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association, are appealing the project's environmental review...that was approved back in 2010.

Turns out the actual project approvals issued last September were also appealed, but those go to the Board of Appeals instead of the Supes. Since that appeal still hasn't been resolved and the building permits haven't been issued yet, the opponents are technically still allowed to appeal the environmental review. The complaints stick to the same old tune: the design is too modern, too big, and too incompatible for the historic area and design character, and, our personal favorite, the building is "stark and disturbing." They think the project will alter the visual character of the neighborhood and want a full-on environmental impact report—which would stall the project for a very long time.
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