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Last Week's Three Biggest Sales: All Single-Family Homes

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Listed for: $4,950,000
Received: $3,450,000
Size: 4-bed, 3-bath single-family home
Location: 100 Edgewood Ave., Ashbury Heights
The skinny: While absolutely stunning, we think one of the reasons this abode didn't get asking is its difficult to get to location. You see, the property's on the Farnsworth Steps. It came onto the market in mid-June and decreased its price by July. The property has an additional level that's used as an office by the owner.

Listed for: $4,950,000
Received: $5,675,000
Size: 3-bed, 3.5-bath, 2,880-square-foot single-family home
Location: 2430 Hyde St., Russian Hill
The skinny: You read that number right, readers. This home landed on the market in mid-September asking $4.95M, and sold less than a month later for $725K over asking. Property highlights include an English garden designed by Lockwood de Forest, Jr., and an elevator to all levels.

Listed for: $5,955,000
Received: $5,850,000
Size: 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 4,300-square-foot single-family home
Location: 2829 Greenwich St., Cow Hollow
The skinny: This home was put on the market in July but was delisted in August. Then it was back and went right into contract.