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1601 Larkin is Back One More Time, Seeking Approval

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The long languishing 1601 Larkin project has risen from the ashes, and finally will be up for approvals at tomorrow's Planning Commission hearing. As you recall, the project calls for demo of a vacant church to construct a new five-story building with 27 condos and 32 parking spots. The original Stanley Saitowitz design had been in the works since the EIR was first published back in 2007, but was kicked around due to initial Planning Commission disapproval and neighbor complaints about bulk and design. Law suits were filed and things got messy, and in the meantime a new design was hashed out by Ian Birchall & Associates and a new EIR was certified. The newest proposal revised the design in terms of massing, architectural language, and finish materials, as well as setbacks on the fourth and fifth stories. There's less glass, more solid walls, and a general meh-ness that's meant to appease everyone. Nonetheless people are still against the project, so we can expect another round of passionate mudslinging at the hearing.
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1601 Larkin

1601 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109