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Mixed-Use Project at 555 Fulton is Back With a Few Tweaks

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Back in 2010 the Planning Commission approved a massive project in Hayes Valley for a new five-story mixed-use building. Now the 555 Fulton project is back asking for an extension of the previous entitlements, plus a few tweaks to the design and program of uses that were previously approved. The new plan calls for demo of an existing office/industrial building to construct 139 dwelling units, 29,200 sq.ft. ground floor grocery store, and 148 off-street parking spaces.

The new design from Ian Birchall & Associates alters the previous Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma designs a bit, and includes a public plaza near the Laguna Street entry to the grocery store and streetscape enhancements. Neighbors are itching for a new neighborhood grocery (though no specific tenant is lined up yet), so there's tons of support. Plus the Planning Department is happy to have a mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. We'll see if this latest design revision finally gets going.

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