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Ambitious Expansion Plans Mulled for BART's Future

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BART is considering over 100 different investment options that could nearly double the system's capacity over the next few decades. As summarized by the folks over at SPUR, the "Bart Metro" concept would increase capacity in the current system by adding stations at 30th Street and Market & Van Ness, as well as a turnback at Glen Park. Far more ambitious portions of the vision include a line down Geary out to Ocean Beach and a spur down 19th Avenue that would connect to Daly City Bart. More familiar proposals in plan include a second Transbay tube that would relieve capacity constraints on the current tunnel. The proposals on the map seem almost too good to be true, and will certainly require unprecedented funding commitments from all levels of government. Nevertheless, with or without the build out of the "Bart Metro" concept, Bay Area residents will soon reap the benefits of shiny new trains.
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