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Mission District Condos Breaks Neighborhood Sales Record

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The Mission district's newest condo building, 3500 19th Street, is setting record sales for the neighborhood. More than 100 people showed up to the sales office the first day the units went on sale, and by the second day top floor units in the 5-floor building were already selling for over $1,400/sq. ft. The 17-unit building has a mix of five 1-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom units with 13 total parking spaces, two car sharing spaces and designated bicycle spaces. The building's biggest draw, however, is its location on the corner of Valencia Street in the Mission. The neighborhood's currently attracting not just the young tech crowd, but an older money set as well. "Their kids live in the neighborhood and they want to live there too," according to Frank Nolan of realty company Vanguard "The market is craving this."
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