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Ride-Sharing App Lyft Hopes to Expand San Francisco Digs

Tech companies, which are gobbling up all of San Francisco's commercial square footage, can't seem to get enough of this town. Ride-sharing app Lyft (yes, the pink mustache one) is looking for a larger San Francisco building to call home. The company is currently operating out of a smallish place in San Francisco, and competes with San Francisco-based ride-sharing companies like Uber and Sidecar. The company's so eager to work in San Francisco that it's put cash down for a temporary space in SoMa at 185 Clara Ave. "It buys them time to evaluate what they are going to do," said a broker representing Lyft. "It's short-term swing space." The deal is for one year and is costing $50 per square foot. The company has another San Francisco office at 566 Brannan St. Lyft hopes to a find a permanent space that will be around 60,000 square feet.
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