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Mid-Market Affordable Housing Breaking Ground Soon?

The Mid-Market area is expecting ground to break on yet another large development soon, 1400 Mission Street, an affordable housing project developed by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. The location was most recently used as a staging area for Nema, but with their construction slowly winding down the lot has been cleared of equipment and marked for demo. When completed, 1400 Mission will rise from 10-15 floors and feature 190 units used to satisfy BMR requirement on 201 Folsom, now known as Lumina. The mix will be four studios, 66 one-bedrooms, 102 two-bedrooms, and 18 three-bedrooms that will be reserved for households of 3 or more. 42 off-street parking spaces will be available underground and around 4,300 sq. ft. of ground floor retail will round the building out.
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