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Is Mark Zuckerberg Growing His Real Estate Portfolio?

A mystery buyer is paying big bucks for all the single-family homes surrounding Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's house in Palo Alto. This comes hot on the heels of this week's earlier news about Zuckerberg allegedly buying his neighbor's painfully ordinary Palo Alto home for a headache-inducing $14.5M. While Zuckerberg isn't listed as the buyer in county records, "shell companies that are named as buyers on each of the deeds are connected to the same wealth management firm that he reportedly uses," Silicon Valley Business Journal reports. 4 of 5 homes surrounding Zuckerberg's home have recently sold for unreasonably high amounts. The sales are "pretty amazing for Palo Alto," said Alex Cosma, a Palo Alto realtor who specializes in luxury homes. "It's 10 times more than a typical house. It's unheard of." Zuckerberg paid $7M for his Palo Alto home back in 2011 and has supposedly spent more than $1.6M in remodels to his Dolores Heights pied-à-terre fixer-upper.
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