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Why Should Twitter Get all the (Tax) Breaks?

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We remember the Board of Supes eliminating the payroll tax for Twitter in 2011, a move designed to keep the tech giant in the Tenderloin, and to lure other techy businesses into the area. Now, according to the San Francisco Examiner, Mid-Market developers want the same tax break. "For the 2012 tax year, five of the 15 tax break applications ?.came from developers." Interestingly, three of said applications came from 263 Golden Gate Ave., where Landmark Construction, Dolmen Property Group and Urban West apparently share construction costs. The other two came from 973 Market St., for Build Group and Pacific Structures Inc. But the tax break legislation is designed to serve applicants who own or lease a property in the area, with payroll expense "attributable to that fixed location." Assessor-Recorder records show that none of these developers are actually owners of the properties listed on their applications. Yet optimistically, Supe John Avalos, famed for opposing any tax break in neighborhood, thinks it's unlikely "the perk is being used for temporary construction jobs in the area." Hmm. Something rotten in Mid-Market, readers, or just city politics as usual?
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