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Just Released SFMOMA Expansion Video Features Snøhetta Principal, New Renderings

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"It will be in fact the largest gallery spaces available of any museum in the country for modern art." That's just one of the many factoids you'll learn by watching the above video, which dives deep into the SFMOMA expansion, expected to be completed by 2016.

In 2010, Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta was selected for the museum's expansion design. Snøhetta is the same firm that the Golden State Warriors recently tapped to design the team's new waterfront arena on the Embarcadero. The video features the expansion's key players: Neal Benezra, Director of SFMOMA; Craig Dykers, Principal of Snøhetta; Yves Béhar; Supervisor Jane Kim; and a plethora of staffers who are super stoked about the museum's future. "It's going to be a piece of art in itself," says designer Michael Vanderbyl. Sprinkled throughout the short video are new renderings of the space. You can see the pretty spectacular renderings of the expansion here, or take a virtual tour.
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