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More Details on the Commonwealth Club's Move to 110 Embarcadero

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110 Embarcadero, the future home to the Commonwealth Club [Photo: Google Maps]

More details have emerged on the plans for the new Commonwealth Club building at 110 Embarcadero. Back in November we reported that the organization had purchased the two-story building, finally giving them a permanent home after their previous lease was set to raise 75%. The new space is set to be designed by Gensler, redoing the interior to meet the club's needs and potentially adding another story to the building to accommodate new and existing programs. The focus will be on a new 300-seat auditorium for lectures and events, plus new recording studios for podcasts and production of the club's longstanding public radio show (which has previously been recorded in a closet with foam glued to the walls). Before the Commonwealth Club bought it, 110 Embarcadero was once a Hines proposal for a new "hanging garden" Pelli Clarke Pelli 123-foot tall office building, but that got shot down by preservationists who argued the former home of Local 38-79 of the International Longshoremen's Association was historic. Gensler and the Commonwealth Club will renovate the existing building, at an estimated cost of about $6.5 million.
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Commonwealth Club

110 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA