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Drive By and Buy?

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You want a single-family home under $500K in San Francisco? Well, how badly do you want it? Here's a 2-bed, 2-bath, 1250-square-foot house for $452,500. Just a few drawbacks on 546 Munich Street you should note, however: It's tenant occupied. The tenant is the owner. The tenant is not moving out. You'll have to deal with the legalities of evicting the tenant. And, the home is sold as is—only we don't know just how that is, exactly, as (per the listing write up), "Seller will not provide any interior showings or inspections." You are invited to drive by, however. Just don't disturb the tenant. Who is the owner. Who will make no repairs. And who won't let you inside until after you buy it...if then.
· 546 Munich St. [Redfin]