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San Francisco Luxury Condos and Their Whale Size HOA Dues

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Why not check out the big, huge HOA fees imposed at some of the city's tonier condo developments? These fees, paid monthly on top of any mortgage payments, can reach four figures; but of course, in most cases, they come with amenities aplenty-- but not always. Here are three high-end condo complexes exhibiting our most expensive HOA dues, in ascending order. Aforementioned amenities, as you'll see, vary wildly.

301 Mission, site of the vertically imposing Millennium Towers, perhaps our most luxurious condo complex to date. Unit 49C, on the market now, shows that the price brings with it many benefits: units look out over all the world (most of it seemingly water). HOA fees here are $1,498 per month, and include typical offerings like "Water, Garbage, Organized Activities, Grounds Maintenance, Door Person, Security" (but not parking, which is extra), and atypical ones like those offered at "Club Level," with pool, spa, gym, outdoor terrace, wine storage and tasting room, owners' bar and lounge and children's rec room. And, lest we forget, a private dining room in Michael Mina's RN74 restaurant. Asking: $6,600,000.

1170 Sacramento St: Here we have this condo, the crazy HOA dues of which we noted when it went on the market in 2010 for $1,695,000, finally selling in 2012. That's right, folks, despite the fact unit 9B requires an HOA of $2,513 per month for boring amenities like "a 24-hour doorman and valet parking for owners and guests" (no pool! No private dining room!), the 2 bed/2.5 bath found a new owner last year willing to pay $1,550,000.

611 Washington St: Here we find our highest HOA in unit 2101, where the monthly dues are? get ready? are you sitting down?...$4,017 a month. This covers, per the listing, "Water, Garbage, Exterior Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Door Person, Security, and Management." Unclear from the listing is if it also covers the common-area lap pool and optional gym/spa amenities. The word "optional" is what has us wondering if that's not extra. In any case, this 3 bed, 3.5 condo also has a whale of a price: $4,295,000.

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