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400 Grove Street, Parcel H of the Central Freeway parcels, is set to no longer be a surface parking lot. When the Central Freeway through Hayes Valley was torn down in 1992 after sustaining damage in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, it left surface lots that have been prepped and primed for redevelopment.

A proposal for Parcel H from DDG Partners and Fougeron Architecture is before the Planning Commission tomorrow to construct a new four- to five-story mixed-use building with up to 34 units (4 on-site BMR units), 2,035 sq.ft. of ground floor commercial space and 17 parking spaces in an underground garage. The building portion will be "C"-shaped and wrap around a common courtyard area. While the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association and San Francisco Housing Action Coalition are all for the project, neighbors have typical neighbory concerns: it'll block their light, it's too tall, parking is tough, it should be a public park instead. The Planning Department says it's all up to snuff according to the Market & Octavia Plan, and that adding housing with an active streetlife in a transit-rich area like Hayes Valley is what's most important.
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