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Velvet and Verticality: First Millennium Tower Unit of 2013 Hits the Market

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2013 could be a lucky year indeed for the luxury condo buyer pining to snap up a unit in the Millennium Tower. Unit 4C just hit the market, a 2-bed, 3-bath with its own library and vertigo inducing views. The usual suspects of Tower Life come with this condo: access to the gym, pool, theater and wine locker plus a private "residents only" dining room in RN74. Unusual suspects come too though: those crushed velvet chairs you see? Included in sale. Priced at $6,600,000 with an HOA fee of $1,503 , 301 Mission St, Unit 49C comes furnished.
· 301 Mission St., Unit 4C [Redfin]

Millennium Tower

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