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Start-up Fever Leads to Pop-up Housing

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[Are people living in closets and Yurts behind these walls? Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Urban]

One of the reasons housing is so expensive in San Francisco? Its scarcity. But adversity such as fewer homes than people doesn't dampen the young, entrepreneurial spirit, which is willing to live in a tent, apparently, for its piece of tech-boom glory. Likening this phenomenon to San Francisco's historic Gold Rush, SF Gate tells of "pop-up housing" where folks "drawn to the promise of startup riches yet finding few affordable housing options, are inventing homes of their own - often in violation of zoning codes." Such violations-- bedrooms fashioned in laundry closets and teepees in backyards-- are becoming increasingly common in rental homes. And no wonder: In 2012, the city added just 200 new housing units, yet it "grew by 7,500 people during that time," according U.S. Census Bureau estimates.
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