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Castro Street to Be More Friendly to Walkers and Bikers, Less Friendly to Cars

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SF's Planning Department has revealed preliminary render porn for its plan to make Castro Street more pedestrian friendly. As expected, the plan includes widening sidewalks, improving intersection safety, adding street trees, landscaping that includes small park-like areas, and improved lighting. With less road space and more walking space, the Planning Department hopes to increase safety while reducing car traffic and that scourge of urban life, double-parking. If these plans indeed become actions, major intersections along Castro will be significantly safer with bus parking, longer sidewalks and more visible crosswalks. A refined version for community perusal shall be revealed in February, with an eye on beginning construction in 2013. This Castro street makeover is brought to you by the $4 million Prop B, penned by Supervisor Scott Wiener and approved by voters who also, apparently, believe in a safer, greener Castro Street.
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