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From Pop-Up to Permanent for Hillside Supper Club; Lots of Chef Shuffles; Solstice Lounge Closure; More!

BERNAL HEIGHTSTony Ferrari and Jonathon Sutton celebrate the transformation from pop-up to permanent with their Hillside Supper Club, formerly Bernal Supper Club. They've revamped the former Caffe Cozzolino into a more inviting look to suit their California rustic fare. The upstairs loft has been converted into a communal dining area and the main floor now features a redwood bar, fresh paint, and completely redone bathrooms.

CHEF SHUFFLES— This week Peter McNee, the chef at Sausalito's Poggio, Dave Cruz, the chef at Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc, and Daniel Hyatt, the bar manager at Haight-Ashbury's The Alembic all left their jobs this week to work on other projects.
BAYVIEWOld Skool Cafe, the the 1940's themed restaurant and supper club run by at risk youths, is running an interesting fundraiser for the next few weeks. They are selling $25 gift vouchers to the restaurant for the next 20 days, and for every dollar that is spent on the vouchers, 15 percent, almost the entire margin, will go towards the creation of a college scholarship fund for the young employees.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS— After a decade of "untouchable" Kobe beef sliders and Ahi tuna tartare, Solstice Lounge in Pacific Heights will close in March due to rent hikes in the area. The restaurant briefly shuttered in 2011 to makeover the menu and the dated space. Otherwise the neighborhood spot was consistent and, according to a Yelp review, well-loved for its "very cozy yet posh" atmosphere.