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Sergey Brin Spotted on Subway Sporting "Google Glass" Glasses; Aether Arrives in Hayes Valley; Nespresso in Union Square; More!

Image via @Noazark on Twitter

NEW YORK— Earlier this week, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and the 24th richest man in the world, was spotted riding the New York Subway wearing "Google Glass" glasses, the same ones featured in a DVF fashion show a few months ago. The Internet exploded with speculation about whether it a a stunt or really just a happenstance.

HAYES VALLEY— Outdoor wear company Aether opened its first California brick-and-mortar store today in Hayes Valley. But it's not brick and mortar, it's constructed out of three attractively-stacked shipping containers. Check out our gallery of the new digs.

EVERYWHERE— Levi's dishes a heaping helping of happy-cool style with their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook.

HAYES VALLEY— The baby garments you can purchase at this weekend's Egg Baby warehouse sale at Fiddlesticks is irresistable, possibly even for those who do not have children.

UNION SQUARE— Nespresso's new coffee shop, cafe and retail space on Grant Avenue is dripping with Euro-slickiness.

SOMA— At our new CityTarget, you can see and touch the TOO by Blu Dot furniture and housewares that are available for purchase only online. If you like it, use their free WiFi and schedule a shipment.

EVERYWHERE—Dominique Crenn, head chef at Atelier Crenn is getting her own line of T-shirts and aprons by cheeky brand Flavour Gallery.