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1321 Mission Offers Students Tiny Apartments

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There's loads of housing proposed for SoMa, and 1321 Mission Street is set to throw a bit more into the mix, courtesy of tiny apartment master Patrick Kennedy. The proposed Smartspace Mission project, which demos a one-story furniture store, will construct an 11-story-over-basement, 120-foot building with up to 160 units, 120 of which would be designated as efficiency dwelling-units with reduced square footage. The unit floorplans look pretty familiar, but we guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Currently a minimum of 80 units will be for student housing units, but the project sponsor has the flexibility to change the rest to student housing up until the first Certificate of Occupancy. There'll also be 3,359 sq.ft. of commercial space on the ground floor, and rooftop garden open space. There won't be any parking save for one car share spot, but 240 bicycle parking spaces instead. The whole thing has the support of the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, the Central Market Community Benefit District, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and the California College of the Arts (whose students would likely fill the rooms).
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