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Adding a Sausage Grill to The Castro Country Club

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There's a proposal before the Planning Commission tomorrow to convert the ground floor of the Castro Country Club in a Victorian house at 4058-4060 18th Street to a new restaurant called The Castro Sausage Grill. The Castro Country Club identifies itself as "a safe haven for LGBT people in recovery from drugs and alcohol," and has been in operation since 1983, though the project will seek to legalize the club as an official institution and create the required usable open space on the second floor rear roof deck. The restaurant, which will include on-site beer and wine sales, will expand the existing garage on the ground floor and provide outdoor dining service in the front setback. So far neighbors are really supportive, especially for the proposed legalization of the Castro Country Club. Despite expected concerns about selling booze below a sober club, the Castro Country Club has no objection to the restaurant and has taken no formal position on the on-site beer and wine sales.
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Rendering by Tecta Associates via Bay Area Reporter