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832 Diamond St. Glitters with Victorian Splendor... and Star Power

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Noe Valley offers many achingly beautiful Victorians, but 823 Diamond St. still stands out from its iconic peers. Classic, ornate embellishments-- from façade and gables outside to rosettes and wainscoting inside—positively gleam over each of the 1,921 square feet. As well they should: the 3 bed, 2.5 bath was formerly home to August Coppola (brother of Francis Ford and father to Nicholas Cage). Under his care, the home suffered none of the claustrophobic dimensions we might expect in a typical Victorian. Instead of closets as bedrooms, we have bedrooms with (walk in!) closets, and the mural, remodeled kitchen, master suite and backyard patio/garden join more traditional features with equal harmony. Details as heated floors and towel racks in the bathrooms are just icing on the cake. And take note, readers: If you buy this home, you are free to introduce furnishings in some color other than white, should you be moved to do so. Asking price: $1,795,000.
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