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Start Breeding in these Homes Fit for Families

It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal. This week, we looked at homes big enough for a family: 3-bedrooms and allow the ever-important family dog (rescue, of course).

Excelsior: For the (ridiculous) price of a one bedroom apartment elsewhere you can get a full house in Excelsior: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, parking, laundry, and yard, all of this for $2,900. The kitchen is nicely re-done with a dishwasher and disposal, and the living room, while unfortunately sponge-painted an otherwise delightful orange, includes a fireplace. Paint is cheap, dear readers. The backyard is unbelievable -- someone has taken great care and we think you'll really enjoy it. The location is great too -- right by a playground for the little ones and in a neighborhood known for being family-friendly. [craigslist]

The Sunset: This home for $3,400 is actually divided into two units: a 2-bedroom flat upstairs and a 1-bedroom in-law downstairs. This arrangement is perfect for people who may have mom and dad or an au pair helping out with child care, but still want to have their own space. The upstairs has great kitchen, complete with necessary dishwasher, a fireplace, and even a small patio. Speaking of outdoor space, the 3-level backyard is lush and gorgeous, though you'll probably have to watch junior on those stone steps. Parking and laundry is included, so basically you're all set. [craigslist]

Haight-Ashbury: You'll no longer have the opportunity to share playdates with Gavin up in Ashbury Heights, but we still love this 3-bedroom flat on Haight and Belvedere for $3,695. It's on the top floor, which means lugging your child and stuff upstairs, but also means said child will not be awakened to stumbling stilletos on hardwood at 3am. We love the storage and wish that fireplace still existed, but at least they covered it up nicely (no heating eyesores here). The flat includes laundry but parking is only available down the street, so we hope you're a kids on the N-Judah kind of parent - it's only a few blocks away. [craigslist]
· Amherst at Wayland[craigslist]
· 2166 27th Ave[craigslist]
· Haight and Belvedere [craigslist]