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Keep Those New Year's Resolutions with New Workout Wear; Big Sales; 49ers Gear for the Fashionista; More!

[Images via Lululemon]

1. Everywhere: Don't let those New Year's resolutions wane. Reinvigorate your fitness promises with new workout wear from these 11 local shops.

2. Everywhere Here are six things you can get for 30 bucks at Candystore Collective's huge sale. Check out their $10, $20, $40 and $50 sale merch too!

3. Nob Hill: An icon of San Francisco fashion dies. One of the legendary Brown twins navigates life without her once-constant companion.

4. Everywhere: If you're a huge 49ers fan AND fashionably inclined, check out these logo-laden sartorial options that are actually kind of cute.

5. Everywhere: Smart beauty brands including Clarins and Sulwhasoo are targeting San Francisco for company launches and new products thanks to the city's large Asian population.

6. Everywhere: Local designer makes good! The shoemakers behind new footwear brand Freda Salvador have been nominated for Fashion Group International's Rising Star Award.