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Small Boat Owners Not Thrilled With Bigger Docks at West Harbor Marina

The West Harbor Marina near the Marina Green is known to some as "the worst harbor on the entire West Coast," so it should come as good news that its $28M improvement project is expected to be completed early this year. That said, some boaters still aren't pleased. The new docks range from 25 to 90 feet, which have some boaters concerned about being pushed out to make room for bigger, better boats. "Small boats add a small charm to the Bay," said Howard Strassner, who owns a 20-foot sailboat. "We're not the 1 percent. [The City] used a study that showed no one wants less than a 30-foot boat, but we're in a recession. They're overlooking small-boat owners." The Rec and Park Department said that change in dock length is "a reflection of the evolving boating community," and that larger berths are in demand.
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