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West Berkeley Neighbors Don't Thrill to 24-Hour Slurpee Access

Berkeley folks are hands on when it comes to city planning; but for proposed chain stores, they break out serious muscle. We've already seen that power at work in the seven year saga of a Safeway on College Ave. Now begins a new chapter, starring a potential 7-Eleven in West Berkeley. Berkeleyside reports that although the store has not applied for a permit to sell alcohol (only Slurpees and such), "Residents fear that a store open throughout the night would be a magnet for crime and anti-social behavior." These are elements this neighborhood has worked hard to rid itself of in recent years. The plan raises ire among locals who feel the city of Berkeley unfairly targeted this westerly 'hood: "We've seen murders, drive-by shootings, drug sales and prostitutes here and we've worked for years to make the area safer," said one neighbor. "We don't need people coming to a store at 3 a.m. bringing in trouble." In a show of concession (something we're not used to seeing so soon in the average turf war), opponents indicate they would be open to--though not thrilled about-- the 7-Eleven if it were not a 24-hour version.
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