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Catch 'Up To Speed', The Quirky Travelogue from Hulu

Up to Speed, A Hulu Original Series, is a new historical travel series from filmmaker Richard Linklater (the writer/director behind Before Sunrise, Waking Life, and cult-classic Dazed and Confused). Timothy "Speed" Levitch, a quirky historian and travel guide, tours America's most ignored historical sights and gets deeply philosophical with inanimate objects (which often respond in outlandish accents).

San Franciscans can rejoice in the pilot episode of the series, where Speed visits the City by the Bay to "empathize with the inner psyches of famous landmarks." He has a chat with the Golden Fire Hydrant that once played a role in the great 'quake of 1906, sizes up the statue of Alma—the sexy war memorial in Union Square—and teaches viewers that Alamo Square is actually a mass grave.

Have a favorite "Speedism" (a choice Levitch phrase that left you wondering) from the San Francisco episode? Tweet your lines to @HuluUpToSpeed, and check out the San Francisco episode here. For more offbeat tours of other historically rich US destinations, like Chicago, New York, and Virginia, watch Up To Speed, only on Hulu.