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Sports Basement Pop-Up Store Coming to 5th & Market

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901 Market Street will soon host a Sports Basement pop-up store [Photo: Google Maps]

Sports Basement is shaking up its giant warehouse-size store model for something a bit more modest - a 2012 holiday season pop-up store in the Old Hale Brothers Department Store building at 901 Market Street. The building was designed by theater experts Reid Brothers (also of Fairmont Hotel and Cliff House fame) in 1912, and has 149,000 square feet of office space and 63,000 square feet of ground floor and basement retail space. Hudson Pacific Properties purchased the building in June for a cool $90 million, and at that time it was 62% leased. The temporary Sports Basement space will be a third the size of the Presidio store, but will offer free coffee, free Wi-Fi, and info for out-of-town visitors. Because of the size limitation they won't sell big items like bikes or snow rentals. The store will open mid-September.
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