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What's Happening at the Lot Near 9th & Irving?

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Old funeral building near 9th and Irving [Photo: Bing Maps]

From the Curbed inbox:

I was walking down 9th Ave and noticed that old funeral home near Irving has been torn down. Any idea what's going in its place? The site in question is 1266 9th Ave, and the 2-story office building was recently demo'd to make room for a four-story mixed-use building with 15 dwelling-units and 5,650sf ground floor retail. The project was approved back in 2008, but construction is expected to begin soon and be completed in late 2012. The ground floor will be home to a new La Boulange location with outdoor seating.

New development project with La Boulange [Photo: SF Planning]

· Planning Commission Motion No. 18586 - 1266 9th Ave [SF Planning]