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Contentious 1050 Valencia/1 Hill Project Up Before Planning

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The battle-weary 1050 Valencia/1 Hill project is up before the Planning Commission tomorrow for a Discretionary Review hearing initiated by the Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association. Opponents think the building is too tall and are concerned the lack of parking will create headaches for street parking. Instead of the proposed 55-ft, 5-story, 12-unit (10 market rate for sale and 2 BMR) building with 2:1 bicycle parking and no car parking, they're suggesting a 3 story building with 4-6 units and parking. The Planning Department staff doesn't agree - they're advising not to take discretionary review and approve the project as proposed since it is in compliance with zoning, height/bulk guidelines, transit-first policies, and was determined compatible with the neighborhood by the department's Urban Design Advisory Team. The DR packet includes letters of support (including Mission Merchants Association, Bike Coalition, and Housing Coalition) and opposition (Marsh Theater and neighbors). The design has been further tweaked since we last reported on it, now with a rounded corner and angled bays. We'll let you know how it plays out.
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