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Treasure Island Contamination Secrets

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The US Navy issued a report this August stating that the former Treasure Island Naval Station (future home to 20,000-resident high-rise community) was housed repair and salvage operations for Pacific fleet ships that could have been contaminated with radiation, and a school on the island that prepared sailors for nuclear warfare might have left behind radioactive residue. Since 2010 the California Department of Public Health has been asking for details after cleanup workers found radioactive waste in unexpected locations. There's been a scuffle between the Navy and the State over taking responsibility for the cleanup, with the State urging the Navy to broaden its search for potential radioactive contamination and conduct long-term testing for other possible sites. Current Treasure Island residents were not psyched that the Navy didn't inform them about potential radioactivity near their homes. No word yet on how this will effect the clean-up efforts for the new development project. [NBC News/Photo: Newtown Grafitti]